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Horizontal Vibrating Screen

Horizontal Vibrating Screen

Horizontal Vibrating ScreenHorizontal Vibrating ScreenHorizontal Vibrating ScreenHorizontal Vibrating ScreenHorizontal Vibrating Screen
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Detailed description of the Horizontal Vibrating Screen:

Horizontal Vibrating Screen (can calls wedge wire flat panel screen)can be constructed using round support rods or rectangular support
rods. Wedge wire screen panels can be designed to optimize the open area strength and wear
life for each application.

Flat screen panel can be designed to optimize the open area, strength and wear life for each application. The panels are either continuously or intermittently welded on the lower side of loop to provide complete rigidity to the panels thus becoming very effective in transmitting the vibrations without mechanical failures.

Horizontal Vibrating Screen

Features of Horizontal Vibrating Screen

Accurate slot gap, high efficiency performance, stable structure, anti-high temperature, anti-corrosive, good mechanical properties, long-lasting and durable, safe and reliable, various field can be applied.

Usages of Horizontal Vibrating Screen

Applications for wedge wire screen panels include cross flow sieves, vibrating screen decking,
mineral processing, surface water intake screens, fish diversion screen panels, hatchery
screens, food processing, and flooring for malt kiln, germination, and grain drying.

Horizontal Vibrating Screen

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