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Raw Water Intake Screen Manufacture

Raw Water Intake Screen Manufacture

  • Category:Water Well Screen
  • Material:SS 304,316,316L, Stainless steel and Low carton
  • Properties:water Well screen
  • Application::water well,water treatment equipment, environmental protection,tap water treatment, water softening, petroleum chemical industry.
  • tag:Raw Water Intake Screen, manufacture,wedge wire screen,
Raw Water Intake Screen ManufactureRaw Water Intake Screen Manufacture
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Description of Raw Water Intake Screen Manufacture:

Application of Raw Water Intake Screen Manufacture

Raw water intake screen is ideal for use in quiet waters, lakes, reservoirs and other locations where the water-current passing the screen is very low. Drum screens are usually mounted with the flat or curved top looking up, so debris will collect on a non-screen surface.

In general, a Drum screen is used for low water withdrawals or when space is at a premium. Airburst is available for all Drum screens if required.

                    Raw Water Intake Screen manufacture

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