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Wedge Wire Screen for Industry Application

2020-07-06 By zhaozhao

Wedge wire can be employed in almost all industrial processes which require very fine and uniformly accurate aperture, combining rapid discharge of material and high mechanical strength. Some of the specialized applications of these screens are given below –

Wedge wire screen used in industries for water, oil filtration equipment like:

Filteration Equipment

Filtration Systems.


Wedge Wire Screen.

More industries:

wedge wire screen for industry filtration

1. Coal and Coke Washeries: Flat and curved wedge wire screens and Centrifuge Baskets with suitable reinforcements are used for dewatering processes on stationary and moving frames, suction filters, and centrifugal driers.

2.Ore Beneficiant Plants: In Iron and other Ore benefic plants, wedge wire flat screens, Curved screens, and Centrifuge baskets of fine and very fine aperture are used for efficient Dewatering and recovery of fines.

3. Sugar Mills: Flat, curved, and cylindrical wedge wire screens are used for Juice Filtration and Bagasse Separation drainage in tanks in conjunction with scraper conveyors as well as for draining crushed sugar cane supply in D.S.M. Screens.

4.Cement, Chemical and Fertilizer Plants: Flat panels, Curved wedge wire screens, Cylinders, and Centrifuge baskets with cylindrical type, conical type, and pusher type have many and varied applications in these industries.

5.Cellulose, Wood and Straw Pulp, and Board Industries: Wedge Wire cylinders, Flat panels and Centrifuge baskets are used for preliminary screening for knot catchers and for efficient fibre recovery Wedge wire screens ensure greater efficiency than the conventional perforated or machined slotted plates.

6.Sewage, Effluent, and Water Treatment: Flat wedge wire decking in final settlement tanks provides tertiary treatment for the reduction of suspended solids. It is also the medium used in a technique for the consolidation of sludges where the rate of filtration is controlled at low operating pressures. Sewage, aluminum hydroxide, iron hydroxide, and other industrial sludges are being successfully dewatered on wedge wire.

According to customers’ needs, we can make available Wedge Wire Screen in various shapes and forms including flat panels, curved sieve bends, filter baskets and cylinders

wedge wire screen filter

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