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filtration process in wastewater treatment

2023-01-11 By zhaozhao

Wastewater treatment is an integral step and process in many industrial filtrations. It is not only based on environmental protection requirements, but also on the reuse of resources.

Mainly types of wastewater treatment filtration process:

· Particle filtration
· Membrane filtration


filtration process in wastewater treatment

Which industries need wastewater treatment?

· Refinery
· Chemical Plant
· Power Plant
· Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant
· Coal Mine
· Winery
· Sugar factory


What impurities can be removed during wastewater treatment?

Remove or reduce the concentration of suspended particles, parasites, bacteria, algae, viruses, fungi, and many more chemical and biological contaminants.

Different wastewater treatment and filtration requirements various filter housings and wedge wire filters. YUBO provides various self-cleaning filters, basket filters, bag filters, and wedge wire filters.


wedge wire filters

Basic requirements are: a filter medium (thin or thick barriers); a fluid with suspended solids; a driving force to cause the fluid to flow; and a filter that holds the filter medium, contains the fluid, and permits the application of force.

We can provide wastewater treatment filtration solutions and filters for industries.

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