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static filter screener

2023-02-15 By zhaozhao

Static Filter Screener -- A solid-liquid separation device used in the process of sewage pretreatment

YUBO static filter screener is a type of wedge wire self-cleaning screen filter. Composed of v-wire profiles and support profiles at equal intervals. With a uniform and precise filter slot, a large opening ratio, and a good backwashing effect.

Here we will learn about YUBO static filter screener from the following aspects:
· How does the static filter screener work?
· What are the static filter screener features?
· What is the static filter screener used?


Static Filter Screener -- A solid-liquid separation device used in the process of sewage pretreatment

1. Operating principle of static filter screeners

Components of static filter screeners: Inlet tank, filter channel, metal sieve bend screen, and collection box
The wastewater first enters through the inlet tank and overflows down through the filter channel. Then the water to be treated is evenly distributed to the surface of the static screen through the overflow weir. Under the action of hydraulic force, the solid impurities are intercepted, and the filtered water flows out from the slot of the sieve plate. It is discharged from the water outlet and enters the subsequent process of sewage treatment.

2. Features of static filter screeners


· Self-cleaning without electricity.
· It is not easy to block and can be made in two ways: fixed or rotary.
· All stainless steel material, strong and durable.
· Low maintenance cost.
· Large flow rate and high filtration precision.


static filter screener -- self-cleaning screen

3. Application areas of static filter screeners


YUBO static filter screeners are widely used in industrial wastewater pretreatment: papermaking, textile, tanning, printing and dyeing, chemical industry, slaughtering, and other industries.

YUBO static filter screener -- An Economical, Continuously Operating Solid-Liquid Separation System Solution. We provide wedge wire static filter screener custom services.

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