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water treatment plant header lateral for filtration

2023-03-01 By zhaozhao

The water treatment plant is a facility that processes and purifies water for drinking, irrigation, and other uses. One of the most important components of a water treatment plant is the header lateral for filtration.

Header lateral filtration is a process used in water treatment plants to remove suspended solids, such as algae and sediment, from the water.

Filtration processes are like this:
The header lateral is made up of a network of pipes that are connected to the main water intake pipe. The pipes are connected in a row, with the water entering the first pipe, then flowing through the other pipes in the system. As the water flows through the pipes, it is filtered and any solids or sediment are removed.


water treatment plant header lateral for filtration

The header lateral filtration system is effective because it allows for a high degree of control over the filtration process. The filter media can be adjusted to allow for more or less filtration. This makes it easier to filter out different types of contaminants and to adjust the filtration process to meet the desired water quality standards.

The water treatment plant header lateral system is composed of wedge wire screens made of high-quality stainless steel. It has many benefits, such as excellent filtration performance, backwash function, and high corrosion resistance.


wedge wire header lateral systems custom

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