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wedge wire collector filter

2023-01-04 By zhaozhao

We are a wedge wire collector filter expert/manufacturer/supplier in China. We provide professional wedge wire filter OEM service.

Wedge wire collector filter also called header lateral distributor is composed of v wire profiles and support profiles. Usually made by welding and stamping process.
V wire profile types: wedge wire or triangular wire.
Support profile types: triangular wire, round wire, flat wire, wedge wire.


wedge wire collector filter

YUBO wedge wire collector filter features

1. Wedge wire collector filter has uniform slot size and structural strength, large filtration area, and precise filtration.
2. Wedge wire structure, self-cleaning and regeneration capability, easy maintenance.
3. Flexible design, multiple types to choose from. Like: Header Laterals or Hub Laterals.
4. Not easy to clog. The V-shaped wire structure minimizes the clogging effect. This results in less cleaning downtime and lower costs.
5. Long service life.

Wedge wire collector filter applications

A wedge wire collector filter is an important component in a large filtration system. Can undertake the task of dispensing gases and liquids. It can be used in large-diameter filters:
1. ion exchange units
2. media filters
3. sand filters
4. carbon strip vessels
5. carbon towers
6. clay filters
7. water and wastewater treatment applications

Whether it is a large filtration system or a small wedge wire filter component, you can turn to our wedge wire experts for help!

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