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9 advantages of using wedge wire products

2019-10-23 By zhaozhao

Wedge wire is a unique screening and filtration material used in many industries. It is made by precisely welding a V-shaped profile to a set distance on the support profile. The gap between the wedges allows the liquid to pass, while too much is trapped on the other side. Unlike grids, these gaps are continuous throughout the length of the filter.

1. The least blockage

Due to the continuous gap, only two contact points may cause the particles to get stuck. This minimizes blockages and minimizes equipment downtime.

2. Easy to clean

This is a quick and easy process when cleaning is ultimately required. Backflushing removes most of the particles, while stubborn particles can be scraped off with a wire brush or similar tool. This greatly reduces facility downtime, saves labor costs and maintains hygiene compared to other forms of filters.

3. Slot size precise control

This is important for many applications. It eliminates the randomness sometimes found on cheaper screens and allows for precise quality control. The wedge wire filter is said to be the best friend of the brewer, and many other industries rely on stainless steel wedge wire screens to ensure that there are no contaminants in the product.

4. The wedge line is very strong

Strength is critical in high pressure environments or where hard particles may affect screening. Because wedge mesh screens are welded, they are more resistant to damage from these stresses and other stresses. Because they are difficult to deform, they usually last longer.

5. Pressure Drop is Low

The increased efficiency of the wedge wire design means that the pressure drop is small when the liquid passes through. This is better for the rest of the system and can handle more material than other methods.

6. Stainless steel wedge wire has no flavor transfer

Stainless steel does not give any taste to the material that passes through it. This makes it an ideal choice for products that are critical to flavor. Manufacturers of beer, juice and other such products prefer it to some extent.

7. It is useful in many industries

Stainless steel wedge wire is not only used to keep the taste of the drink. Tough, non-corrosive properties make it popular among animal feed manufacturers, fertilizer manufacturers, and even mines and mineral processors.

8. Can be manufactured according to your exact specifications

Thanks to the custom made wedge wire filter, you get the exact gap size required for any application. Just let us know your specifications and the rest will do it.

9. This is a time-tested filter type

Wedge wire mesh has been used for decades. In this way, you can rely on it to be reliable, accurate, and without accidents.

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