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Advantages of Wedge Wire Screen Basket in Centrifugal Dewatering

2021-11-08 By zhaozhao

Wedge wire screen basket is a key component of centrifugal dewatering equipment that is mainly used for centrifugal dewatering. It is a high-speed rotating part. The basket in working not only needs to withstand vibration but also withstands the severe impact of coal and water. Therefore, its requirements for strength and accuracy are higher.

At present, the most commonly used components of centrifugal dewatering equipment are wedge wire screen baskets because it can withstand greater pressure.

In addition, Ring welding technology makes the welding between the wedge wire and the support bar stronger, without stripping or deformation. There are multiple longitudinal and transverse support bars on the outside of the wedge wire screen baskets, which greatly enhances the compressive strength of the wedge wire screen baskets. Wedge wire screen basket has a unique continuous slotted structure, which guarantees more stable filtration and separation capabilities. 

We believe that our wedge wire screen baskets will play a greater role in centrifugal dewatering equipment. So please contact us if you or your friends need it.

Advantages of Wedge Wire Screen Basket in Centrifugal Dewatering

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