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How Is Wedge Wire Made

2022-04-13 By zhaozhao

The wedge wire screen is one of the most commonly used filter screens for liquid and solid filtration and screening. The wedge wire screen is composed of wedge wires welded on support rods. So how is wedge wire made?

The wedge wire is made of the highest quality raw wire and then is made into a screen that is cut, shaped, fabricated, and cleaned. Wedge wire can be ordered as raw screen material or fabricated into a finished product to suit your application requirements. As shown in the figure:
wedge wire made process

Characteristics of our wedge wire screens

•Capability to withstand heavy loads
•High open area
•No clogging
•Perfectly smooth and flat surface
•High precision of execution
•Increased capacity and more precise separation, dewatering, and filtration
•Self-cleaning effect
•Low-pressure loss
•High open area and strength parameter
•Increased economical effectiveness, lower cost
•Extended lifetime

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