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lautering equipment false bottom

2022-08-03 By zhaozhao

What is a lautering equipment false bottom used for in brewing?

A false bottom is kind of a screen that aids in separating the sweet wort from the mash/grains. It is similar to lautering equipment for brewing composed of wedge wire profiles and support profiles.

Where is the lautering equipment false bottom installed?

It is installed at the bottom of your Mash Tun. As shown in the video:

What role does it play in beer making?

Prevent grain from leaving while letting your wort flow freely to your boil kettle.

What does the false bottom look like?

A false bottom is simply a plate, generally stainless steel. Our lautering equipment screens offer a high open area, providing optimal extraction. They can be manufactured as a single unit or as sections for easy installation or removal through service doors and manways.
lautering equipment false bottom

What should be considered in a good false bottom design?

A good false bottom should avoid deformation of the false bottom due to uneven force. So the factors must be considered:
1. The false bottom should have enough support points and the distribution should be even.
2. There should also be support around the false bottom.
3. There must be fixed pins at the support of the false bottom.

Provide various types and specifications of lautering equipment false bottoms.

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