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screw press screen pipe

2022-07-06 By zhaozhao

The screw press screen pipe consists of v wire profiles and support profiles. Commonly installed in the screw presses for use.

screw press screen pipe
Where is the screw press screen pipe used for?

The screw press screen pipe is a key part of the screw extractor. It has numerous applications in separation and dewatering. For example, animal manure dewatering, waste treatment, wastewater treatment, farm manure dewatering, and so on.

Material handling in the content of cattle dung slurry or biomass slurry (sludge) is a good industrial application case. The filtering process is as follows:
Screw presses have been used for various industrial applications, including material handling in the content of cattle dung slurry or biomass slurry (sludge) is fed into an overhead screw, which in turn pushes between the screw and a strainer, and the water is drained out and the solid waste is collected at the screw thread.

Manure dewatering press working principle

Besides, our screw press screen pipes are also installed in manure separator, food residue separator, fruit, and vegetable dehydrator, distiller’s spent grains dewatering machine, pulp dewatering separator, etc. for dewatering applications.

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