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specification of wedge wire tube

2022-06-09 By zhaozhao

V wire(wedge wire) tube-type pipes to filter water from wells or cisterns.

The wedge wire filter water tube is composed of continuous V-shaped stainless steel wire, normally made in a cylindrical shape around the support rods.

wedge wire water filter pipe

What is the specification of the wedge wire filter water tube?

wedge wire filter pipe


1. Slot size(also mean the separation distance between each wire): the measurement is in millimeters (mm) ranging from 0.10 mm to 10 mm. (can custom according to the requirement)
2. Type of support rods: triangular wire(the most common), round, flat, or wedge rod.
3. Diameter range: from 1″ inch to 47″ inches.
4. Connection method: beveled, flanged, or threaded.
5. Material: stainless steel304 / 304L / 316 / 316L among others.
6. Length ranging up to 10 feet.
7. Outside diameter: 117 mm to 273.1 mm.

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