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stainless steel slot water filter nozzle

2022-07-20 By zhaozhao

What is the slot water filter nozzle?

A slot water filter nozzle or distributor is an element that prevents filtering or purifying granular media from leaving the tank or vessel.

The stainless steel slot filter nozzle is composed of v wire profiles and support profiles. It could be called a “filter” because it emerges like a mesh, and its main purpose is not to filter but to retain a granular filter media or purifying agents inside the container that contains it.

The material genellary is stainless steel or others according to the requirement.

The v wire profiles are spaced equidistantly(usually millimeters) from each other, forming an assembly with continuous slots.

structure of stainless steel slot water filter nozzle

Provide help as the following:
If a grain gets stuck between one groove and another, with a little pressure it is easily untied, which avoids a general clogging of the entire nozzle.

Effective benefits
The advantages of SS slot water filter nozzles are huge. In addition to precision filtration, preventing clogging, it also reduces cleaning downtime and associated costs due to clogged filters.

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slot water filter nozzle

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