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tower internals industry center pipe

2022-11-09 By zhaozhao

Tower internals center pipes are widely used in filtration in the chemical, petrochemical, and refining industries. Usually used in radial flow reactor internals.

The chemical industry uses two types of flow direction in reactors:
1. Radial flow reactor internals.
2. Down flow reactor internals.

What is the radial flow reactor internals?
Radial flow reactors are characterized by an outside-to-inside or inside-to-outside “radial” flow. In a typical Radial Flow reactor, the reagent gas is flowing radially on the catalyst bed through components, typically outer baskets or scallops positioned close to the reactor wall and consisting of perforated plates, meshes, or wedge wire screens. After passing through the catalyst bed, the gas is collected in a component, typically a center pipe or inner basket, also made of perforated plate, mesh or wedge wire screen. As the picture shows:
chemical filtration tower internals industry center pipe

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