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Water Distributor for Filter

Water Distributor for Filter

Water Distributor for Filter
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Description of Water Distributor for Filter:

Intermediate drainage and water distribution means switch series is mainly used for water treatment and water distribution inside the drainage system .

Intermediate drainage and water distribution system from the structure had a mother branch tube. Fishbone pattern . Umbrella , etc., from the material divided stainless steel ( 316 ) and ( 321 ) and steel Jin Su and other materials. From sub-type are polyester mesh and stainless steel wire around the sleeve and other types .

Stainless steel wire around the trapezoidal exhaust system made ​​of stainless steel wire around the trapezoidal tubular filter element for the discharge device which can replace stainless steel pipe and then wrapped in polyester mesh sleeve openings old pipes, circulation area , water distribution uniformity , high mechanical strength, resistance temperature , pressure resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance have been greatly improved. And it can be designed according to resin size. And after I produced using stainless steel wire around the trapezoidal exhaust , not only equipment and long service life , safe and reliable , but also greatly reduces the workload off the subject , including a resin material loss and other.


Water Distributor for Filter is widely used in water treatment plant equipment, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, sewage treatment, water plants and other industries, is the water treatment equipment and water installations in the key components in mechanical filter widely applied in particular, can also be used in co-current regeneration of ion exchangers into the acid, alkali plant.

According to user specific process conditions, well-designed package into the drag coefficient acid, alkali plant to make renewable liquid evenly distributed. While also preventing clogging due to the resin into the acid, alkali plant branch outlet orifice, causing jet pumping acids, alkalis difficult phenomenon.

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